Berths available at Marina Stavoren Outer Harbour

This marina features spacious berths, each with its own power supply. The jetties, elevated and robust, facilitate easy boarding and leaving the ship at deck level in most cases. Twice a day all ships are checked: Good to know for the times when you’ll be absent from the harbour.

Here is what you can book at Marina Stavoren, Outer Harbour:

Type Time period
Berth for 1 year 1 April to 1 April
Winter berths 1 November to 1 April
Berths, monthly base for 1 or several months
Visiting yacht berth for 1 or several days

Price list Marina Stavoren

Berths at Marina Stavoren

Exclusively for our customers with a yearly contract of a contract for 3 or 5 years.SkipsMaritiem Membership Card

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